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Digital Transformation in Sale By Empowering Global SMB Growth with Innovative Tools

Global Technology Company


This 100b+ company wanted to increase sales revenue in their SMB division by producing and distributing a platform to deliver sales, marketing, product content, and pricing tools in a cost effective way while showcasing new voice automation technology.


Partnering with a major marketing design firm, led the design, development, and global rollout of an Americans Disability Act (ADA) compliant application for providing and delivering product information with worldwide distribution to approximately 15,000 internal users.

This multi-lingual toolset, or "digital marketing agency," categorized, presented, and allowed for the search of print, multimedia, video, white papers, case studies, presentations, pricing tools, and other resources to support the global field sales team. It overcame significant novel requirements, including being fully voice-navigable, multi-lingual, and could utilize only approved company-licensed tools, components, and technologies for development. The tool had to be fully portable as a standalone memory stick-based application with interoperability on all major operating systems and browsers and a hosted internet application that could be easily maintained and updated by non-technical staff.


The global project went live, allowing the client to reduce marketing distribution costs immediately. The sales team members could now more rapidly and easily find important information to educate prospects, shorten sales cycles, and close opportunities.

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