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Innovation Leads to Better Hiring Experience for Non-Traditional Openings

Managed Services Provider for Small to Medium Business Market


The company wanted to differentiate itself by offering a flagship commercial application that it could internally use, market, and license to its large and growing base of nontraditional managed services clients that purchased hosting, business application, database, and support services.


Following a Blue Ocean framework, designed, developed, and executed the release of a commercially available cloud-based talent management software package. The full-featured and secure, EEO-compliant job board and candidate tracking tool was designed to integrate into any website or to be used as a standalone product. It focused on capitalizing on several trends: a fast-growing social and mobile world, rapidly declining storage prices, shifting laws, regulations, and user rights around content ownership, and a small business customer base that wanted an easy-to-purchase, set-up, and manage solution to help find employees.

In addition to focusing on these high-value features, it uniquely offered candidates the ability to control their information and profiles and include socially linked content from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other rich media files relevant to the openings. Through automated prompts, applicants were encouraged to upload videos, pictures, or links to demonstrate proficiency in performing related tasks.


The delivered software created new revenue streams for the company's licensing and hosting divisions, significantly increasing client retention and stickiness.

For the company's clients, it dramatically shortened hiring cycles, lowered turnover, and improved the quality of the hire. It was especially true for nontraditional openings when it provided a better way to assess and see a candidate's skills than a traditional application or resume.

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