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  • Why the name Rock Pine Partners?
    The name Rock Pine Partners embodies the growth and strength of a lone pine tree on a rocky mountainside, reflecting our mission to help clients stand out and thrive where others haven't dreamed of going.
  • Why so many testimonials and references to Greg Valyou?
    Greg Valyou is the heart and soul of Rock Pine Partners; we don’t pretend to be a 1000-person firm. When you hire Rock Pine Partners, you get Greg. Clients want that direct access and are willing to pay for that exclusivity. They know they are working with a proven and accomplished leader and strategy expert that will achieve the results they need.
  • What can Rock Pine Partners and Greg Valyou do for me?
    One word, Answers! The three things Greg can do better than anyone else: Develop a winning business strategy. Select and deploy proven enterprise strategies and solutions to accelerate goal realization. Build and scale a company, or business unit to amplify results. With close to three decades working with some amazing companies and public sector organizations, Greg's value innovation focused approach is a proven winner.
  • What are the services Greg Valyou provides?
    Advisory C-Level and executive strategy, market direction, and decision-making support. Fractional C-level support Executive management and leadership. Consulting projects Strategy and solution implementation, and execution. Typically, Greg is most interested in projects that create big and impactful changes. He likes pushing the envelope!
  • How do I work with Rock Pine Partners?
    Please use the contact form on the website, email, or call 404.590.0448.
  • How does Greg select who to work with?
    As you can imagine, Greg has a full schedule and can’t possibly work with everyone. When his schedule or client roster is full, referrals are made to some great colleagues from across the globe. Greg prefers to work with a handful of clients in the long term and not provide short-term, one-and-done. While some of his clients can’t be disclosed, there are many public testimonials, references, and details to validate his impact. Several can be found within this website or on client websites. Some of his references are industry titans that frequently appear as experts on global news programs.
  • What does Lori Valyou do at Rock Pine Partners?
    Lori spent years as a top consultant and manager with big consulting firms like Accenture. She manages the business, operations, legal, and tax and collaborates with Greg on specific projects. Fast fact: In Greg and Lori’s early careers, they worked for the same global client for competing firms, although not in the same business division or professional specialty. Both were recognized as outstanding contributors and leaders that drove big strategic change by the client and their consulting firms.
  • How much do services cost?
    If you are trying to develop an innovation strategy, fix a major problem, implement a major enterprise solution, get to a multi-million-dollar valuation, or scale, you must consider what that is worth. Generally, value-based pricing is provided, not hourly. Equity, commissions, or variable comp are considered very favorable as part of the equation. As an exception, some larger (Fortune 100) and more traditional customers compensate Rock Pine Partners via an hourly, daily rate or retainer.
  • Who writes the articles and posts?
    Greg does. It takes work to write, and it is something Greg has a passion for, and it shows. Articles are often well-researched papers that provide depth and knowledge. Greg uses no ghostwriters although he actually ghostwrites for a few client companies.
  • How does Greg decide what to write about?
    Greg draws on his innumerable professional experiences and looks back at some of his clients and what they struggle with, what they should do, consider, or just what is interesting. For example, Greg released an AI book designed to help business leaders advance in 2019. That was four years before ChatGPT was on anyone’s radar.
  • Is Greg Valyou available for speaking engagements or events?
    Yes! Greg has a passion for sharing his insights and knowledge, especially around disruptive stratgeies and solutions. Before Generative AI became mainstream, Greg was delivering presentations on AI's business, ethics, and marketplace impacts at events, conferences, user groups, and meetups, across the United States. Some of his favorite events were sponsored by the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA), IBM, Box Boat, Sage Solutions Consulting, Meridian Partners, ASUG (SAP), to name a few. Contact Lori and she will help you bring in Greg for your next event.
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