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Introductory AI Book Published by Greg Valyou - Second Edition Now Available

Greg Valyou has recently released the updated second edition of his introductory AI book available from Barnes & Noble Press, Artificial Intelligence - Get Ready for Tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is rapidly becoming part of the world around us. Many people and organizations are looking to be part of this growing market, but aren't sure where to begin or think AI is expensive and only accessible to large corporations. Most people don't know that the tools to learn and build AI solutions are much closer than they think.

Designed to be read in one sitting, this power packed and concise guidebook is based on an introductory AI presentation by Greg Valyou, a leading Enterprise Technology expert.

  • It highlights many notable AI milestones

  • Describes the most common solution areas and concepts that make-up AI

  • Delves into advanced topics including algorithms, managing AI programs and where to find training data.

  • Provides an overview of several readily available platform options from Cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud, that can get you started quickly

  • Presents several education options ranging from major universities, online certificate programs, and major Cloud providers

  • Introduces several companies and organizations that have launched innovative AI solutions

  • Directs readers to two great sources to find business case ideas

  • Now includes a list of over 80 AI resources, including books, publications, and websites, to learn more about the introduced topics

If you're looking to start your AI journey, this book is a great first step!

Please note - this book was relevant and groundbreaking at the point in time it was written.  In the period after publication, AI has evolved and changed, as have many of the services and resources referenced in this edition.   ChatGPT, for example, did not exist as a service, and many software providers at the time had very different offerings.   A new and more current upcoming edition should be available for purchase in the future.  This book is a great look back in time and is provided as such now.


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