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Kanban Boards and Tools

Lately, I have been asked more and more for information and tools about Kanban Boards as part of Agile adoption. There are a several new innovations in the marketplace that make Kanban Boards even more accessible and easier to integrate into almost any project type or product release framework. The following post provides overview information and highlights a few marketplace offerings. Enjoy!

For those new to Kanban Boards, "Digite" has a great post explaining the basics,

For “Smart Sheet” users the following resources are focused “Card View”:

For "Azure DevOps” users the following resources are focused on “Azure Boards”:

For "Microsoft Project" users who would like to utilize "Task Boards" to enhance their projects with the latest Agile reporting and capabilities can refer to the following resource:

For "" users the following resource is available:

The following articles and blog posts provide additional best and suggested practices around Kanban:

Please note outside of PMI (which I am a member and a PMP), I don't know these organizations, but thought the posts very useful and informational.

I have successfully utilized Kanban Boards as a component of a few different project visualization and management tools for several software product based lifecycles and technology focused support and enhancement initiatives. I have also leveraged very low-tech stickies on a glass wall (which actually worked quite well - although we were nervous about the cleaning staff every night, so we always took at picture at days end).

Kanban Boards have been effective, lightweight, business driven and a great way to organize, communicate and execute customer-centric project initiatives.

Thanks for reading - I am certain there are many other great Kanban related products. Please feel free to email us suggestions and we will add them to this post. Best of luck!


*Image from Smartsheet Website

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