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10 Reasons For Project Success

Most Project Managers can without hesitation rattle off the "Top Ten Reasons for Project Failure". While identifying risks and understanding where weak points are in a project cannot be understated, balance is important. Knowing the best path to succeed is often just as important as knowing how not to fail. Next time you meet with a Project Manager ask them the, "Top Ten Reasons for Project Success".

While the list can easily be expanded, through years of auditing, managing and reviewing projects as well as interviewing countless Project Managers we have compiled the following:

  1. An experienced and knowledgeable Project Manager

  2. A defined project management process

  3. Clear stakeholder expectations

  4. Fully defined and documented requirements

  5. Well planned and executed quality assurance or testing

  6. An experienced, competent and dedicated team that understands what is expected

  7. An actual work plan

  8. Budgets created based on accurate resource costs and work plan

  9. Timelines created on an accurate work plan with the right resources assigned to the proper tasks

  10. Regular project monitoring and status reporting

Succeed in the aforementioned items and you are on your way to a winning project!

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