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How Top Consultants Deliver Exceptional Client Service

Want to learn how top consultants deliver exceptional client service?

Jim Donovan, Vice Chairman of Global Client Coverage at Goldman Sachs, delivers an outstanding lecture, on exceptional client service, covering his eleven secrets for success. This lecture is one of my favorite resources on providing exceptional and professional client service.

1. Avoid Jargon

2. Pause

3. Provide Advice Against Self-Interest

4. Ask Open-Ended Questions

5. Be Positive and Upbeat

6. Be Careful Mixing Business With Social Activities

7. Be Humble

8. Be Available and Responsive

9. Take a Position

10. Control the Meeting

11. Have an Agenda and Write Things Down

Whether you’re a consultant, investment banker, attorney, accountant, or other professional working with clients, this lecture is a must-watch. It’s a fantastic refresher for seasoned veterans and an invaluable guide for those new to the business world.

Take the time to watch it and elevate your client service skills to the next level!


Greg Valyou


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