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Accelerating Innovation and Insights By Unlocking the Power of AI/ML

Benefits, Insurance and Risk Management Company


The company relied on a very successful manual, rapidly aging and end-of-life business intelligence platform to support their entire business, including sales, client-facing products and solutions, service, and support. They wanted to validate if a new platform would be a good investment and spark new products and services based on AI/ML.


After understanding the main stakeholder's goals, constraints, issues, and concerns, led the strategy, planning, and rollout of a transformational AI/ML-based analytics-based platform from proof of concept (PoC) to production.

To help drive adoption and demonstrate the value of an investment in a full AI program, the following considerations were identified as critical to the program's long-term success.

  1. It must be driven by use cases that create customer and client value.

  2. It should introduce an agile framework to qualify, quantify, and translate a need or idea into an ROI-driven prioritized backlog item.

  3. Follow a proof of concept (PoC) based rollout of the platform and solutions using a high-value-low risk and short-duration approach to build organizational consensus and demonstrate value.

  4. Allow for traceability and an audit trail of all results

  5. Provide education and knowledge transfer to the client on current offerings from the Cloud, tool providers, and AI concepts utilized

  6. The program had to be cost-effective, minimizing significant upfront capital investment by leveraging major Cloud providers

The use-case backlog was developed with the business, and the selected platform and toolset were implemented.

Several use cases were selected for the first sprint. These focused on results where the company could harness AI/ML to increase predictive accuracy and automate the process of pattern identification, data insights, and relationships. A key attribute in the initial use cases was the ability of the outcome or result to be rapidly monetized into new risk management products and services.


The POC illustrated clear qualitative and quantitative benefits vs. the company's existing business intelligence and analytics solutions and industry benchmarks. The company is building on the POC, provided processes and knowledge following a positive ROI and < 1-year payback-driven strategy as it integrates and releases AI/ML and data science-driven risk management products and services into its offerings.

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