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Adapting to Changing Market Dynamics to Stay an Industry Leader

Device and Sensor Company


The company was losing market share and wanted to understand better how their product compared to similar products in a rapid and fast-changing competitive marketplace undergoing significant change.


The team reviewed and analyzed the current product lineup and competitor marketplace for a global industry leader and established data collection company.

Following a top-down and feature matrix approach, documented and compared over 200+ attributes across 22 competitors, including industry trends, market position (Gartner and Forester), analyst reports, public sentiment, leadership, partner ecosystem, complimentary services, products, technical architecture, functionality, integration approach, and more.

The report also recommended the company consider applying Porter's Five Forces to help the company fully understand the forces governing competition in their industry and then apply a Blue Ocean Strategy as a follow-up project and provided a detailed example to educate and help C-level leaders think beyond their direct competitive boundaries.


In a data-driven fashion, the project helped the company understand, plan, and adjust to marketplace and product strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, risks, and trends to maintain its position as a market leader.

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