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Market-Ready Magic: Bringing a Company and a New Product to Life

Mobile Business Application Company


The company's founders had developed a "first of its kind" application to centralize and manage social media content from popular services. The founders, while brilliant, possessed limited experience bringing a product to a market-ready state or setting a company up to operate.


After completing a current state assessment for the investors, a plan was developed to operationalize the application and company. Mentored, educated, and guided the executive and development teams through the steps and actions required to set up and launch a new technology company and commercially available application.

The provided services included rolling out and implementing core operational, business, development, and customer support processes and systems. Key deliverables included the introduction of a Blue Ocean Strategy to stay one step ahead of the market, and an Agile product delivery lifecycle to enhance, support, and maintain the application, and guidance on enhanced privacy, security controls, and compliance.


The application was made commercially ready for the marketplace. Processes and systems to operate the company, continuously value-innovate, supported by an Agile framework to manage, develop, and deliver application updates and enhancements were fully implemented. The application is in productive use via acquisition and was featured on several national news programs.

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