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Mission Possible: Reviving a Complex Data Conversion Project to Keep a Billion-Dollar-Program On Track

Global Non Profit Organization


The client sought to improve performance and expedite a very complex global data transformation and conversion project that was behind schedule and over budget and if not improved could delay the release of an ERP and modernization program with expected budget close to $1b.


Completed a comprehensive audit, analysis, and review of the current project status and provided actionable performance improvement recommendations.

This large, complex, and global business intelligence initiative involved assessing and reviewing the data and storage processes in 20+ global locations, each with unique business processes, technology, operating culture, and language in a near-constant state of flux. Data and information were sometimes not maintained in systems and were in paper format stored in challenging areas of the world.

Deliverables were actionable formal professional recommendations, opinion reports, and briefings to top-level leadership (Assistant Secretary General).


The project recommendations and executive presentation briefings provided the leadership with a path forward supported by strategies, processes, resource recommendations, and tools to increase the data conversion's speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

This helped the initiative get back on track and meet schedule and budget requirements without impacting the overall ERP schedule.

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