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Reinventing and Reimagining a Billion-Dollar Business for Growth

Manufacturing, Distribution, and Servicing Company


After growing rapidly from $100m to $700m in a few short years from acquisition and organic growth, the leadership team and business needed to ensure its innovation strategy and tools could keep up and stay one step ahead of the competition.


After reviewing the company's and competitors' business attributes, a strategy canvas and a four-action framework were created. This first step was crucial to align the assessment scope and recommendations to actions that created high value. A comprehensive assessment of processes, staff, and technology was completed. It included site visits to critical facilities and the inclusion of more than just upper management to ensure that the organization was fully engaged, empowered, and invested in the strategy and assessment process as well as future actions.

A detailed report with recommendations aligned with the company's strategic plan was created and delivered.


The report and executive presentation identified over sixty (60) opportunities, issues, risks, areas for improvement, and the tactics needed to capitalize on or mitigate them. It communicated a clear path to help ensure a scalable, stable, secure, and innovative business and technology footprint aligned closely with the strategic goals.

The company continued to dominate its industry, controlling nearly 70% of its market, grew to $1.5b in annual revenues, and became a desirable acquisition target.

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