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Roadmap to Success By Aligning Data and Technology Strategy with Corporate Vision

B2B/Retail Manufacturer and Distributor


After multiple acquisitions and growth, the company recognized the need to develop a strategy plan to transform, organize, and modernize the enterprise business resources and assets in alignment with company goals.


Delivered a multi-year strategic roadmap and tactical plan focused on transforming and modernizing all enterprise business tools and data assets. This included all ERP, CRM, Finance, Sales and Marketing Automation, Manufacturing, and Distribution systems.

The strategy and plan carefully considered and documented ROI, value, risk, resources, people impacts, seasonal and cyclical timing, market trends, and the organization's strategic goals.

After the strategic roadmap and tactical plan were presented to the executive team, was requested to provide ongoing advisory services to C-level executives and business/ project owners to help drive rapid execution of the most ROI-positive initiatives. This included regular curation and adjustments based on changes in company performance, current market conditions, and adjustments to company-level strategic priorities and goals.


The company has a strategic roadmap, process, and framework that provides a clear direction to achieve its goals and objectives. It has helped the company communicate and prioritize planned initiatives, ensuring that they align with its overall strategy, financial goals, and constraints.

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