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Strategic Insights Drive Faster Time to Market and Sales for a AI-Powered HR Application

Human Capital Mgmt Software and Solution Company


The company was planning to develop and roll out a new HR product that heavily relied on AI and machine learning. They needed an independent viewpoint with recommendations to improve the product strategy and development approach to ensure market success.


Delivered a detailed analysis and recommendations report that provided actionable strategies to improve overall business strategy, product feature selection, development lifecycle, architecture, and AI model performance.

A critical initial finding was that the company was too focused on technical product development and would benefit from increased collaboration and organizational balance with sales, marketing, operations, and legal.

Targeted AI findings and recommendations included suggestions on improving use case definition, architecture, platform, data prep, model selection, over-tuning avoidance, and the importance of considering and addressing potential bias, privacy, and ethics issues.


The assessment, recommendations, and communication of highly complex financial and technical information in concise business terms with supporting information-based details provided senior leadership and product teams with a path to improve the product, development lifecycle, mitigate risk, and optimize the solution for the marketplace.

Based on company projections, the recommendations would reduce time-to-market by ~3 months, save close to $500K in development costs, and generate $2.5M in additional revenue.

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