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Unlocking New Revenue Streams: AI-Driven Growth in the Financial Data Industry

Mortgage and Financial Data Company


The company wanted to be first to market and expand its industry-leading position by creating new revenue-generating opportunities through new AI and data-driven analytics products and services.


After understanding the strategic goals of the project sponsor (CTO) and business stakeholders, current product offerings, and information sources, led a team responsible for strategizing and delivering a comprehensive “Big Data” and “AI” platform from ideation through proof of concept (PoC) to production.

The platform was the foundation for a new strategic AI/ML-based research and product development initiative. It was designed to drive new insights and products by applying ML-driven models and techniques on previously unmonetized structured and unstructured data to allow the creation of new insights, products, and services.


The platform was successfully rolled out and allowed the creation of several new cutting-edge analytics and artificial intelligence-driven products that could be offered and sold to the marketplace, creating new revenue and income streams.

AI/ML was the tool and data the raw material, but it was the undersatnding of the business and the monetization that really drove success.

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