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Unlocking the Customer Code Through Behavioral Data Insights to Drive Sales Success

B2B/Retail Manufacturer and Distributor


The trade-only retail business was not performing to industry standards and benchmarks even though they had above average foot traffic and the company wanted answers on how to improve sales.


After meeting with company executives and understanding their concerns, recommended and rolled out a pilot for a next-generation retail consumer behavioral data program.

The proposed plan was to diagnose the issues and provide solutions backed by data-driven insights to allow the company the ability to understand their customer's behavior as they shopped and moved about trade-only showrooms. This included data on footfall, dwell time, journey mapping, and other essential KPIs.

A business case was created, the approach and tools agreed upon, and the pilot went live, providing immediate data-driven insight to help understand, measure, analyze, and influence store customer behavior, drive retail footfall, improve customer experience, measure the impact of new marketing concepts and products, and realign product placement and store layouts to maximize revenue impact in a scientific manner.

An essential aspect of the solution was that it fully considered privacy, ethics, and bias. It went to great lengths to ensure it did not save or process any personally identifiable information or characteristics.


The program successfully provided new actionable, fact-based insight into customer behavior, exceeding all ROI expectations. It has been a vital asset that has helped optimize marketing effectiveness, product and goods placement, store layout, staffing, and position of sales executives within the store to maximize revenue and margin impact.

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